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Vyana is Sanskrit for perseverance and hard work. We at Vyana strive to manage your hard earned money in a professional and systematic manner. We are here to help you plan your finances, identify and reach your financial goals and be an effective financial advisor for a plethora of investment options.

Vyana Wealth is a young team headed by Abhenav Khettry, with over seven years of industry experience and a deep understanding of financial relationships. Vyana was founded in the midst of the worst financial crisis the world has ever seen. We set about to rebuild our clients� portfolios from what was left of it. Gaining trust in such situations is most difficult; it has been our knowledge of alternate assets and fixed income that helped our clients overcome this phase.

For us it isnít about your money, itís about the relationship we build and share. All our personnel are trained to value client relationships and confidentiality above all other aspects. Initial hand-holding along with regular interactions develops the knowledge and understanding curve of our clients. This allows them to take informed decisions with our guidance. Our advice is always given keeping the clientís benefit as a priority.

Advice followed up with doorstep and prompt servicing along with online transactions and portfolio viewing facility has made us click with our clients. We have added over eight hundred clients in the last three years. These include large corporates, provident funds, mid-sized companies, family trusts and offices, hospitals, schools, colleges, Non Resident Indians and many retail individual investors. We have six dedicated client servicing officers, who only take care of operations and servicing.

Vyana currently advises on an asset size of over Rs 160 Crores as on 31st July 2011.

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