About Us

"Our ultimate goal is that Vyana should be recognised as a brand of trust and integrity"

Vyana Wealth Management is all about YOU! Yes You!

We at Vyana pride ourselves in being able to make customized solutions for our clients. We don’t have a straight fit solution for everyone. Every client to us is unique. We like to invest our time in understanding you, your family, your goals and your aspirations. Only once we have understood YOU, we proceed with the next step.

Vyana emphasizes a lot on client education. We spend several hours, educating our clients about personal finance and the world of investments. Planning is a very important part of what we do.

We help you to plan for yourself better. The journey continues with executing these plans and handholding YOU through your investment journey.

A very important part of what we do, is managing behavior. Most often mistakes in personal finance and wealth management are made due to wrong decisions at the wrong time. It is our focus on human behavior that has helped several families not to take wrong decisions based on emotions, herd mentality and hearsay. As your professional planners and wealth managers, we help you avoid those mistakes and stay focused on your goals for the long term.

Our product suite includes various solutions based on risk and return parameters, keeping tax efficiency in mind.

Our vision is to be a responsible player in the financial services industry.

In our ten years of existence we have won several awards, but it is the trust of over two thousand clients and eleven hundred families that we value the most.

Vyana is a Sanskrit word for hard work and perseverance. Our goal is to manage the hard earned money of our clients by providing comprehensive investment solutions; andbuilding and nurturing multi-generational relationships with our clients and their families.