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1. Importance of Financial Planning.

We all have goals and aspirations. The goal may be short term or long term. Simple or complex. Achieving these goals however, regardless of term or complexity requires planning. At Vyana we help you identify your financial goals and plan your finances to achieve those goals.

2. Why do you require a Financial Advisor?

William Shakespeare once wrote that “All the World’s a Stage and All men and women merely players”. So, what is the part of a Financial Advisor. Many a times we have tried to treat an illness by ourselves often yielding disastrous results. Self-medication in your finances can often have the same outcome. A financial advisor helps you to form your financial goals and make plans to achieve them. We help you in

3. Introduction to Mutual Funds.

What are Mutual Funds? And how are they different from directly investing in stocks or bonds?

In simple terms a mutual fund is a professionally managed investment fund that pools money from many investors to purchase securities


4. Why should we invest in Mutual Funds?

A thought that may arise in your mind is why should you invest through a mutual fund. Why not try to invest directly in securities? The problem in investing directly is that it is a time consuming task that requires constant monitoring of diverse factors. Mutual funds offer you a route to let experts take care of your money for you.

5. What are the different types of Mutual Funds?

Different investors have different requirements. There are various kinds of mutual funds to cater to different needs. You can choose an appropriate fund based on your risk appetite and the tenor of your investments.

6. How do I get the Timing right?

A very common delay in investing is due to waiting for the right time. We perceive the market to be trading high and wait for it to fall or lament about a lost opportunity. The Time to invest however is now. The biggest risk if investing in equites is the risk of not investing at all.

7. What is a Systematic Investment Plan?

An SIP is unique investment option in a Mutual Funds. It offers a chance for investors to invest a fixed amount periodically. This encourages savings and offers the opportunity of long term cost averaging.

8. The Power of Compounding.

Compounding is a word that is often used as benefit of long term investments. Witness the incredible power of compounding.