About our Promoter

Mr. Abhenav Khettry

Founder & Director, Vyana Wealth Management Pvt. Ltd.

An alumnus of The Doon School, Dehra Dun and St Xavier’s College, Calcutta, Abhenav grew up in Jamshedpur, where his family used to run an auto component manufacturing business. Inquisitive by nature and having a knack for numbers from an early age, he was the school statistician and Sports Editor of The Doon School Weekly, a weekly newspaper published by the boys. Due to a keen interest in sports, Abhenav started his career with Gameplan Sports Pvt. Ltd, a sports and celebrity endorsement & management company, while still in college.

Being an entrepreneur by nature, Abhenav became an independent financial advisor at the age of nineteen and started advising his family members on various investment opportunities as the markets started rising in 2003-04. After his graduation, Abhenav worked with Optimix for a year, an Australian asset management company, specializing in funds of funds and multi-manager mutual funds and portfolio management services.

After another eighteen month stint with wealth management company: Adelina Investments Pvt Ltd as its Vice President and head of advisory in 2007-08, Abhenav started of Vyana Wealth Management as a boutique advisory firm, specializing in fixed income investments for institutional investors like: charitable trusts, schools, hospitals, colleges, provident funds, clubs and housing societies.

Over the last ten years, Vyana Wealth Management has evolved and grown to be a respected financial services provider in Calcutta under the leadership of Abhenav Khettry. An early advocate for the use of technology, all investors were provided with an online login access as early as 2008. Thus for the last nine years our clients have enjoyed convenience to view their portfolios anytime from anywhere. As of June 2017, the firm advises over eleven hundred families and institutions, comprising of over two thousand individual investors with assets under advice in excess of Rupees Three Hundred Fifty Crores. Vyana has an active monthly SIP book of Rs 85 Lakhs. We recently launched our app for Android and Apple iOS users, which allows them to view their portfolio and transact online via their smart phones.

Vyana Wealth Management has won several awards along the years,
but most notably two awards from Wealth Forum

2013 – Emerging Advisor Award

For young advisors who have made a mark in the industry

2015 – Retail Growth Champion from Eastern India

For acquiring most new to industry investors and maximum mobilization from non-institutional investors

Abhenav’s views and opinions have appeared in several media like Wealth Forum, CafeMutual.com, Business Standard, Economic Times, Advisorkhoj and few other financial journals. Abhenav is also the Life Member of the Foundation of Independent Financial Advisors (FIFA), an industry body for financial advisors and runs the Calcutta chapter. Abhenav has been a speaker at various forums like: FIFA annual event, MFRT and Network FP annual events.